Activate the YouTube application on

When it comes to the most common forms of entertainment, learning, or generating revenue online today, YouTube is the first name that comes to mind. However, most of us use YouTube on our mobile phones, but you can watch the same content on your big screen TV by visiting . There are specific steps you need to take to get started enjoying big screen entertainment.

  • First, you need a valid subscription plan for the account you logged in to the TV application. YouTube applications must be opened on smart TVs or traditional TVs with the help of third-party streaming devices that support some operating systems, such as Roku TV, Apple TV Box, and Amazon FireTV Stick, Mi TV Stick or box. You just have to make sure that you have the latest versions of the application and operating system so that no streaming problem occurs with your enjoyment.
  • When the application is opened, you will receive an alphanumeric or alphabetical code, note that down somewhere safe that you will be needing at later stages.
  • must be opened in a new tab in your smartphone or computer browser separately and simultaneously when you have opened the app on the TV.
  • Here you need to enter the code you got at the previous stage in the space provided for proper verification.
  • Check the code you entered and you will see that the application has been updated on the TV screen.

Plans and subscriptions:

With a YouTube subscription, you can enjoy not only premium content, but also many live TV channels, including many sports, news, and various local channels. The YouTube TV service costs $ 64.99 for a one-month plan. But here is the good news. New users can get special discounts for just $ 54.99 for the first three months as inauguration offer then it might increase a bit. There are many benefits of getting a plan, we can record a show live when it is happening, very less or no hidden brokerage fees. There is better news, you can use YouTube TV for another two weeks regardless of the plan you subscribe to as an introductory offer. You can enjoy all these benefits with just a valid Gmail email ID.

While the whole world was confused in this pandemic, this online platform helped millions of people around the world learn and make money. Don’t waste any time to cash in in chance to help yourself in getting a new skill and earn passive income by learning and starting new side hustle.